Autonomous Statistical Information System for Werrick Pharmaceuticals

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Statistical Information System(SIS) plays a vital role in nearly all phases of human endeavor. SIS is acomputer based tool that is used for presenting and analyzing things that existand events that happen on earth. It is used for managing all sorts of statisticalinformation occurs as a result of economic activity like manufacturing,business or accounting. Use of information technology is increasing in almostevery organization. Organizations due concentration on the getting informationwithout any hurdle and wasting of time. SIS explore data from database as aninformation about the products and their dispatch targets, production anddispatches. It gives the users and decision makers the required information ina tabular form. Variety of comparisons among targets, production and dispatchescan be derived for the critical analysis of what has been performed raw form tofinished form of a product. One of the powerful features of SIS, it gives acomplete graphical representation of data as well. When a command is given by auser for accessing the required information, SIS takes the input and processesit and fetched the data from SQL Server Database and shows the report onruntime. In WERRICK Pharmaceuticals, the basic problem with the currentsystem is required an extra resources, and time consuming for retrieving animportant information. As the products range of WERRICK Pharmaceuticals isgrowing at rapid pace, the administrative problems such as planning,controlling and organizing are also increased rapidly. This factor has imparteda great impact on overall structure of the organization. The process ofautomation is increasing in different organizations and users are increasingtheir business with the rapid increase of information technology.

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