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This is another work that produced whose chosen themehad its foundation in one of the most inspired verses of Scripture that is partof Psalm 37, written by David, as itis a text of the popular Bible among evangelical Christians, especially thosewho do daily reading of this sacred book, so we consider very important paymore attention a little more in order to understand more fully the significanceof this simple verse, so singular, but for all those who love the word of Godfeel fascinated by its contents! Given this statement and consideration we aresure that those who have the opportunity to read this work may also feel evenmore passionate and interested in knowing its real meaning! In ourevangelical Christian experience we have observed that those who read andsearch the Bible, know very well this verse, like to recite it, but sometimesdo mechanical or automatically without stopping more attention on what thisreally or verse means is: "Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust him, and hewill".

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