Talk-Listen-Speak: “Functional & Situational Usage of English”©

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Hoy por hoy, los profesores y estudiantes de inglés como lenguaextranjera, buscan la práctica realista del idioma, por lo quemuy conveniente adaptaría a las situaciones de la vida cotidiana, tantoen el trabajo como en las experiencias personales diarias. Este libro pretendedar a los estudiantes una experiencia didáctica, con una colección de casi 1.000 PREGUNTAS PRÁCTICAS de situaciones reales, las cuales han sidocuidadosamente elegidas por el autor sobre muchos temas, para que el estudiantepueda obtener un conocimiento razonable del inglés. Today’s teachers and learners ofEnglish as a second language are always looking for realistic practice of thelanguage which is convenient, and adapted to real life situations for both workand personal life experiences. This book contains a carefulcollection of almost 1,000 PRACTICAL AND SITUATIONAL QUESTIONS over a widerange of different topics in order to help both the teacher and the studentobtain realistic practice of the English language. Topics have beencarefully chosen in order to give the student practical learning experience inanswering functional questions which help to stimulate and maintain realisticconversations with adults in a wide variety of different circumstances for work,home and play. A “sampling”of some of the topics covered in this book include computer technology;creative thinking; educational experience; environmental and social issues;family life; food and dining; gatherings and meetings; holiday events; humandevelopment and life stages; human relationships and society; knowledge andopinions; leisure time; likes and dislikes; modern life and lifestyles;motivational skills; personal and professional life; personal beliefs; personalnative culture; personal preferences; places and events; time management;travel experience; U.S. culture; visitors and guests; and work skills andprofessional experience.

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