Is There Anybody Out The Wall

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IS THEREANYBODY OUT THE WALL is an analysis of the movie Pink Floyd The Wall. Forthis study, it is considered the film as revolving around two basic questions: Isthere anybody out there and Is there anybody in there With the firststarts this process of interpretation. And with the second ends this assay.It isconsidered, in addition, that the film is a mental machine to travel back intime. It consists of four levers: the real, memories, imagination, and desire.The first allows travelling in present time. The second allows travelling inpast time. The third allows travelling in possible time, potential. And thefourth allows travelling in future time.Thanks PinkFloyd by make my life more bearable. In moments of disappointment toward theworld, toward life, always I have returned to his songs. His high notesimmediately have connected my nervous system with the cosmos, with theuniverse. Thanks for the spatial connection. For me, the screams of the vocalcords, to extend the duration of guitar notes beyond the usual, are the portalto cross the wall.

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