The History of Alquerque-12. Spain and France. Volume I.

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The first Spanish books about the game ofdraughts have a very high level and date from the XVI century, while the firstFrench book comes from the XVII century and the game described is a veryelemental one. Contrary to this evidence, the scholars did not consider itnecessary to grant Spain the honour of being the creative country of the gameof draughts and of the new modality in the chess game with the new dama. Boththe alquerque-3 as the alquerque-9 games were known in Roman times. Completelydifferent is the situation for the game alquerque-12 game. It is said that thealquerque has its origin in Egypt. Perhaps this is the case for the alquerque-3and alquerque-9 games, but never for alquerque-12 game. Some authors claim thatthe alquerque-12 game is a Greek or Roman game, but the great expert of thesegames, Dr. Ulrich Sch├Ądler, discards it. This book is the first proof that thealquerque-12 game was not popular at all in France, but much more in Spain,where the new chess game and draughts game were invented.

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