The History of Checkers (Draughts)

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The modern game of chess started around 1475 inSpain when the queen and bishop got a much more powerful move. It was called"Mad Queen Chess". These new rules quickly spread throughout westernEurope and in Spain. The enhanced move for the chess queen started after thecoronation of the powerfull queen of Spain Isabella I. The historical recordsduly note that Queen Isabella I was crowned with the sword of justice raised infront of her, and the sceptre and throne were given to her. This allusion tothe real-world event is so clear within the Scachs d’Amor poem to Isabella’sactual coronation that the inspiration of Queen Isabella for the new chessqueen and powerfull dama of the draughts game is unquestionable. The Spaniardslike the Moors, played a game on the board of lines and called it alquerque.The game became modern draughts through being transferred to the chessboardaround that time. This book is the result of at least 30 years investigationsin the Spanish archives

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