Baba Sy, the World Champion of 1963-1964 of 10x10 Draughts - Volume II

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This book should be considered a historicalbook, as it is the draughts’ career of Baba Sy, a prominent Senegalese player.He was able to be the best in the world without reading any books. He had anatural talent and was a self-made man thanks to the game of checkers. I havewitnessed the achievements of the great Baba Sy and I have been in the earlystage of the great players like Harm Wiersma and Ton Sijbrands, on which Ipredicted in 1964 that they would be a future world champions. So I know thementality that one must have to succeed in this mind sport. My 40 year stay inSpain and my research on the Moors permits me to know more about the Islamiccustom. And so I am now in a much better position than 40 years ago to commentproperly on the life of Baba Sy.

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