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This bookcompletes the trilogy Poems of Love Unconscious. These love poems are writtenallowing the free flow of imagination, feelings, themes ... Youth Work,1975-1990, with technical automation, free verse and improvised (semiconscious)... Varied and some raving as love and life itself ... can be considereddemocratic verses in the sense that if one is deleted or several lines the poemloses no sense ... Abstraction low rationality ... Simple language, the wordsand ideas of the verses are called each other resembling the sound of a stream... In the first book, as stated in a commentary, there are some poems very"naif" expressing the feeling of love without restraint (youngerotic) ...Antonio García Barrientos was born in Badajoz, Spain in 1956. With his familymoved to Madrid in 1963. He studied the Baccalaureate and COU with the MaristBrothers of the center of the capital. Login as a student in 1975 at theFaculty of Psychology at the Complutense University of Madrid, leaving studies.Working in different roles, besides writing poetry and painting for years.About 1991 collects all his writings. Editing these returns in 2011 with theintention of publishing. Since 1993 attending various classes of History,Painting and five years of humanistic education in Universitas Sennioribus ofCEU. Art Also published in 2013 a"blog" on the Internet with most of his paintings:http://obragraficadeantoniogarciabarrientos.blogspot.com.es/ Editorial Bubok

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