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We live in a world of much confusion, everywhere wefind desperate people running away from something, why are fleeing thedeplorable conditions in which they live; now people are fleeing the attack,fleeing persecutions of all kinds, such as to have been victims of religiouspersecution, racial discrimination, fleeing war, hunger and disease; beyond allrunning from a failure or a great tragedy that befell your life or somethingthat happened in which left that place that until then lived, but in the faceof changes that have occurred and circumstances that turned that place it was adelicious warmth just getting intolerable and one of the worst places thenbecame unbearable! On theother hand, it must be considered that the man is a victim of their ownchoices, each is paying a heavy toll or an unwanted burden as a result of theirwrong decisions. The trailis often an outlet for many people who are in desperate situation, however,escape is not the solution to the problems; It can be said that the flight willbe just one of the means that can be chosen to minimize or alleviate thesuffering of those who are going through difficult times of sorrow andbitterness.

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