Handbook of Regulatory Pathway for Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Traditional ChineseMedicine is one of the oldest continuous medical systems on earth, withinstances dating back more than 4000 years. The philosophy of TCM is based onthe Taoist view that human beings should strive to live in harmony with natureand their natural environment. Chinese medicine holds the body and its capacityfor healing in great reverence. It does not see itself as an outside force thatis able to heal the body, but as a way to help adjust the body and bring itback into balance so that health is restored. In essence, it is not thepractitioner doing the healing, it is the body. Advice on nutrition, livingwith the seasons and moderation in life empowers the patient and enables him toparticipate in his own healing. The goal of the TCM practitioner is to usethese concepts to guide the patient on how to live a healthy, happy andbalanced life.

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