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ABOUTTHE BOOKAboutNumbers And the Zodiac SignsMicroscopy of Numbers and Zodiac Signs deals with scienceof numbers and the zodiac signs. It is a cosmic Science, which reveals, thehidden mysteries of numbers and zodiac sign. Its origin can be traced toearlier times, when a person first began to identify various causes, in hisimmediate behavior, environment, and his nature of controlling over histemperament. Research and deep studies done in the past haverevealed that every number has a different characteristic and has differentoccult significance with very specific power. This power of difference nnumbers has reflected not only a distinctive character on the basis of theirqualities, with the cosmic force, and influencing the laws of nature bygoverning them in different ways.The commencement begins with number one, indicating apowerful dynamic force, and great abilities over everything. These are followedby number 2, 3, 4 and 0. This zero number has not been assigned any distinctrole, but in association with other numbers it does play an important part. Asanything multiplied by zero becomes zero.There are various types of numbers. These are calledBirth Numbers (the prime number), the lucky Numbers, the Year Numbers and the NameNumbers. As such there are also the House Numbers, the Vehicle numbers, yourTelephone Numbers etc. Now these different numbers of an individual whenvibrates and influences well, life becomes much more interesting and fruitfulfor the person. Name number is the number obtained from the additionof all the alphabets in our name, which is further divided into various othertypes of numbers such as, Personality Number and Destiny Number and Ambition Number.Number 7 are great visualizers, thinkers andphilosophers. Number 9 is highly suitable for politics as it confers qualitiesof aggressive approach dynamism, and good organization capacity. It often makesthem courageous and fearless. Though number 9 natives tend to face difficulties andhassles initially but later on, by their own persistent and hard work, they canensure success and often hit the target and become head-liners. Numbers 1 and 9 are more stable, strong than number 7.People with number 7 are more comfortable with regards to their religion andtheir religious and spiritual matter and have the capability of preserving and strengtheningtheir cultural heritage, but on the face of it, this number is full ofuncertainties, tribulations, dirty and foul play. Whereas, number 7 is good onthe spiritual world, number 9 happens to be a top number on the materialisticworld and is good for great success on the political front. Number 9 has qualities of diplomacy, tact, ability totake the masses which is inbuilt in them, among the weaker sections of society.Number 9 people feel restless when their leadership is questioned but oncetheir leadership is well established, they march easily to their road tovictory.When any one changes his name, a grand new set ofcosmic vibrations start influencing his luck and fortune. These have tremendousimpact on all aspects of his life. Whereas it is often said, that when a lady changes, her first name,after her marriage her style life and fortune too takes a new turn. In many circumstances and communities, when a man issuffering and is not in perfect health or is ill and is not good at respondingto treatment, he is advised to change his name and that is changed for hisspeedy recovery and with this the new vibrations are set in him to respond to amore positive and fast manner. Thus by correcting the alphabets in your namenumber balances in your name vibrations, thus giving you the strength to derivemaximum benefit from this Science of Numbers. It is also advisable to look at the both the basicnumber and the horoscope before deciding as to which name number would vibratebetter for you. Similarly, by changing the name of a house, street or a city,the general fortunes of these places undergo changes. Numerology in simplewords deals with the prediction of the future with the help of numbers. Ittakes care of the basic desire of almost all human beings and peeps into thefuture. It deals With the practical application of the primary laws ofmathematics to the material existence of a native. This science deals with thenine major planets — Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, Mercury, Venus, Neptune,Saturn and Mars with their characteristic features. Each one of these nineplanets is associated and assigned to a number ranging from 1 to 9, dependingon which planet carries the tendency to vibrate to a certain number. These nine planets, with each different numberinfluence the human life in an important and substantial way. The planetarypositions at the time of a person’s birth ascertain the personality of thatindividual in correspondence to their prime number. A primary and a secondaryplanet governing each individual at the time of birth respond to their ownnumber or their birth number. Hence, after the birth, the individual startsresponding to the vibrations of that number or the planet by which he isgoverned. All the characteristics of this native, ranging from his emotions,thinking, reasoning, desires, health, career, are all governed by these numberswith their corresponding planets.Now when this number is in similarity or harmony withthe prime or birth number of any other person, he experiences a betterunderstanding and relationship with that person. According to the theory ofnumerological only a name and its birth number rule a person. He would facegrand opportunities and severe difficulties in life in accordance to theinfluence of numbers manipulating in his lives. The most common form of Numerology often called as the“Western Form of Numerology”, or the “Pythagorean System”, is considered to bethe most popular, enduring and simplified system of all. It is a self-helpmethod ever created. Even the Greek, Hebrews, Chinese, Japanese, Egyptians, andearly Christians, all practiced this number system to gain a deeperunderstanding of themselves, the other individual and the universe. Pythagorean Numerology or the Pythagoras system wasbrought into practice by Greek philosopher and mathematician called Pythagoras,who combined this mathematical science of various alphabets into numbers.Presently its popularity continues to grow, and Numerology columns appearregularly in leading newspapers magazines and fancy literature. More and moreNumerologists are consulted regularly for almost everything from personalproblems to romance, to business. As the growing world becomes more powerfuland computerized and is largely dependent on numerical systems, the fascinationwith this ancient spiritual science grows quite rapidly.Numbers are the universal means of understanding andcommunication with each other. And while languages vary from culture to culture,the meaning of numbers do specify the meaning of words. In Numerology, eachletter is associated or assigned with a number, and each number carries its owndistinct personality. Hence, the numbers associated with any word can conveydeep messages to all, without having any communication with them. Numerology isthe study of numbers, or the art of numbers and the manner in which theyreflect certain aptitudes and character tend to speak of each letter. Each letter has a numeric value that providesa related cosmic vibration. The sum of the numbers in your birth date and the sumof value derived from the letters in the name provide a power of vibrations.These numbers show a great deal about character tics, purpose of life, whichmotivates, as to where the talents may lie. Experts in numerology use thenumbers to determine the best time for major events, actions, positive movesand movement in life. Numerology on the other is often used as a useful toolto decide our important decisions as when to invest, marry, travel, changejobs, and when to relocate or when to change our residence and premises. Howdoes numerology work is still a mysterious question. Is it an occult study,or Is it a cosmic force Do numbers havevibrations effects or is it a God’s gift to humanity is still to be discoveredin depth. Therefore an attempt has been made to make this cosmic science ofnumber simplify in a easy manner for beginners.Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician is said by many tobe the originator, of numbers, and the Father of Numerology. The actual originsof numerology is said to be pre-dated of Pythagoras, the most common andpopular being the very old the “Hebrew Kabbalah”. This mystic power of numbersbecame the source of wealth of literature in the coming decades and indeed, ithas moved very rapidly which was aloof from most learned scholars in the past.

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