MEWAT: A Retrospective Analysis

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This book “Mewat: ARetrospective Analysis” is a brief account of the Mewat area, its people andhistory. It also includes the origin, custom, and traditions of the Meocommunity which are to many extent different from the other communities ofIndia. It is rather mysterious for the readers to know that these people of theunique culture and civilization reside in the National Capital Region or thesuburb of Delhi, the national capital of India. The author gives the fulldetail of the origin of this aboriginal Meo tribe also throws light on theiracceptance of Islam. In this book the author has covered the period from theMuslim invasion in India until the British period when the Mewati people provedtheir bravery during the First War of Independence. Some periods of the freedommovement also have been covered. The vast period which has been written in thisbook witness the details of the Mewatis as rulers and as subject. Theirrelations with the Delhi rulers like Ilbaris, Tughtaqs, Sayyeds, Lodis andMughals including the British in modern times has also been discussed indetail. The whole chapters are written in such a way that the reader will beinformed of all important aspects of the Mewati history. This book resemblesthe complete history of Mewat composed of both the original sources andheterogeneous materials with the proper application of the hypothesis.

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