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Trainerappraisal and capacity measurement approaches to enhance trainer - standard ofarchitecture program HigherEducation Pakistan JavariaManzoor Shaikh, AssistantProfessor, Sir Syed University; PhD Candidate, Department of Architecture,Hanyang University ERICA, Korea Thisresearch have two major objective: to design a questionnaire style assessmentform fit for calculating the quality of education in Pakistan and to analysisstyles and methods of trainer evaluation and measurement method of architectureprogram. Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planning, criteria foraccreditation of an architectural program suggests: “Each institution shouldhave self-appraisal and in-house performance appraisal to monitor and ensuretheir continued effectiveness”. This evaluation is conducted by, primarilystudents, secondly by instructor himself and thirdly departmental assessment. ANNOVAis a statistical tool is applied on five determinants of teaching skills,knowledge in the subject, instructor’s personality, Medias and instruments inteaching, in class climate. The important and accomplishment scores of opinionabout the types and methods of evaluation showed that instructor and studentshad many different opinion. Conclusively,learning environment can be calculated, by instructor standard andenvironmental standards. The instructor standard consists of degree ofinstructor, academic position, teaching experience, research profession,personality and attitude for teaching skills and techniques. Thus dividingdescriptive, operative, descriptive-operative to measure trainer skills. Thisis the first study for synchronizing the Architecture Program in Pakistan,therefore this study provides groundwork for future studies in other researchdesign.

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