Forever kelly Pose

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Kelly knows nothing lasts forever. And when she says“NOTHING” she does mean nothing. She tries to make it last but nothing staysforever. Kelly’s mom Eve got a new job.Now Eve is a schoolteacher. Kelly always asks Eve ‘’Why do you teach highschool, not middle school.” But Kelly has other things to worry about. She isgoing into the 7th grade with Nicky, her sister. Nicky steals Kelly’snew friends she got last year. They were always making fun of her. Now her onlyfriends are Beth and her boyfriend James. Beth’s mom is thinking to move toArkansas, and now there’s James. Kelly keeps on thinking that James might movebecause NOTHING stays forever like Beth. She tells her self every night ‘’Please make my mom’s job last forever. I CAN’T STANDeverything going away. And John is getting bullied. He’s sick of it. And therea new student in his class named Ben and they became very good friends. Peopleare picking on Ben now. And still John. It almost New Year.” Nicky wants to changeto be nicer and get better friends. Will she change…or be the same bad meangirl…Book two of the sires!

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