Subliminal (English version)

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Bertaworks as administrative assistant in an advertising company that shefeels like a big family, although she notices strange movementslately. That day, at the bar down the office, she overhears aconversation about her superior, Domínguez, that attracts herattention. She talks about it with her job-partner Fran and shedecides to do some research about the first years of the agency. Sherediscovers three indecipherable floppy disks that she never gets toopen and tells Fran she is taking them home to take a deeper look atthem. Suddenly, with the excuse of a restructuring, she is dismissed.At home she finds out that the floppy disks were used for insertinginto the commercials subliminal advertising, which tallies with theconversation she overhears at the bar; even though, she tells Franthey are not interesting because she is anger against the world andshe wants to use them to stop the football on TV, specially theirbroadcasting instead of her favorite programs. Cris is a cop thatenjoys the quiet life, but since the moment they are told that thebroadcasting aimed to manipulate the mind of the people that watchfootball matches comes from the city, he can't catch a break.

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