Democracy At Its Best: A Study of 16th Lok Sabha Elections of India

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Indiais running its post colonial democratic practices for the past 67 years. It maynot be the best in delivery of government services to the public satisfaction.Yet it goes on superbly in its election processes and the government formation.Year by year there is a vast improvement in the electoral system. Despite loudnoises about its darker side of democracy, India marches ahead brilliantly.This is what can be seen as the beauty of Indian democracy. Arrogantpolitical parties and persons are tamed through the ballots. The politicalpersonalities are finding it extremely difficult to predict the voter moods.Hence they start working carefully to satisfy the public. The caste arithmetic,coalition with other political parties, bribing the voters, freebies announcedprior to the elections are some of the many tricks adopted to win voters. Butthe voters are so smart that they change the representatives which they are notsatisfied despite all the attractive offers they get.This book studies the 16th Lok Sabha elections in details with the complete list of candidates in all 543 constituencies.

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