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The overall education goal of the Government of Kenya is toachieve education for all (EFA) by giving every Kenyan access to qualityeducation and training irrespective of one’s socio-economic status. InGucha Sub-County however, the quality of education in secondary schools, asmeasured by students’ performance in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Educationexamination, has continued to be poor over the years. This poor performance hasbeen attributed to several factors such as; learners' entry behaviour orability, parents’ influence on learners, motivation of learners and teachers,learners' environment, Government education policy and school principal’sleadership style, among others. This study investigated the relationshipbetween school principals’ leadership styles and students’ performance in KenyaCertificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination in public secondaryschools in Gucha Sub-County. The study used a correlational research design tocollect and analyse data from 294 respondents selected through stratified and simplerandom sampling from 14 public Sub-County secondary schools in Gucha Sub-County.The target population consisted of all public Sub-County secondary schoolteachers and students in the Sub-County. Two instruments were used to collectdata after ascertaining their validity and reliability. These instrumentsincluded; two questionnaires; one for teachers and the other for students. Thequestionnaires used the Likert scale in rating the responses. Both instrumentshad a reliability coefficient of 0.8 at an alpha level set a priori at 0.05.The data collected was analyzed using the statistical package for socialscience (SPSS) version 19.0 for windows .The Pearson Product Moment Correlationwas used to test the null hypothesis of no relationship at 0.05α level of significance, based on the guidelinesgiven by Ruth Ravid. The results of the study revealed that there is asignificant relationship between school principals’ leadership styles andstudents’ performance in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Examination(KCSE). The study was significant because its results might help in the processof working out strategies for improving school leadership qualities in theSub-County and hence performance of students in KCSE. In view of the abovefindings, the following recommendations were made; school principals to bein-serviced on leadership styles that may motivate the learners and teacherstowards better students’ performance.

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