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Can you imagine living in a worldwithout racism, without wars, without discrimination and without problems Howfantastic that would be!In Colours you get the chance tosee just such a world, to meet the characters who live there and to share theirjoy in their idyllic "World Without Colours".You also get to see what happens whenit all goes wrong and the happy beings forget who they really are.And as we read about this magical,imaginary world and the special beings who inhabit it, we're reminded of somethingvery important: We are all the same, in spite of our differences.Thebook includes three sections: first we have the tale itself, with beautifulillustrations; next we have didactic tools for teachers and parents, includinggames and exercises for children and groups; and finally, tips on how totransform this warm-hearted and uplifting tale into a rewarding theatreperformance.Thepaperback edition also contains a fun colouring section for kids, allowing themto use their imagination to bring the scenes and characters from the story tolife with vibrant colour.Colours is not just a great tale for children, but also a verypractical and educational tool for teachers and parents. It will help you to encourage cooperation, goodcommunication and trust between the young people you live and work with, andadd value to your teaching and guidance.Colours is available to English readers for thefirst time this year.

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