OBEDIENCE TO LAW. A necessity for nation building

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This book is purposefully written to provide vital facts onthe need for obeying law. It is a guide for the public especially theleadership to have the basic knowledge of what the law is all about for one tokeep abreast with what the law requires towards building a prosperous nation.It is a civic responsibility for one to have basic knowledge of the law, andthe need for obeying lawExtended descriptionThis book description is partially expressed in picture by the book coverdesign. The picture - showing light green color at the upper part of the of thebook represents privileged class; ash color at the lower part represents theless privileged class and red strip represents love.If loving one another by being considerate in dealing with another is act ofbeing obedient to law with regard to equality before the law, love is like abridge builder that closes the gap between segregated classes of people.So, if love as represented by the strip having red color as a sign of love, bethat which brings about equality of all before the law, love joins thesegregated privileged class and less privileged class together as depicted bythe red strip joining light green color and ash color together indicating thatlove keeps a people of a nation together in oneness and in unity in diversitytowards building a nation.

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