Growing Yourself To Money, Time and Freedom

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This books aims athelping you to grow yourself to freedom, time and money. One writer once notedthat: A creative person needs three things to be happy; Freedom to do what youwant, when you want and how you want it. Not just inholidays and spare time but also doing meaningful work in your own way. Acreative person also needs Money-to maintain your independence and fund yourcreative projects. Of course you want a nice place to live, but you�re not soworried about a bigger car than the guy next door. You�d rather spend money onexperiences than status symbols. Finally a creative person needs Time-to spend asyou please, exploring the world and allowing your mind to wander in such of newideas. This is the core centre of thisbook, to help you achieve time, freedom and money in abundance. I am not tryingto give you the cheapest, fastest or easiest way to do it, but the most amazingand exciting way. If you are ready forthe experience, I wish you the best of your reading, get ready to grow and growconsciously to success and master the game of life and play it like a professional.

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