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To go further inthese lines, it was thinking that what they have learned in my school tour could be a valuablecontribution to the colleagues teachers and is as well that was born the idea to publish it.And it is as wellas any project in life , has its times, i started this journey, knowing thatwhat each reads or learns , constitutes valuable programming , which perhapswill be part of our daily life," will be a step in the construction of newknowledge or will be part of the professionalenrichment.In this book, Iam not saying "truths" but communicate my travel and socialize theprogramming made which added , to the theoretical and conceptual frameworkslearned , could itself be a valuable contribution to the pedagogical practicesthat today we are all concerned about.Today the schoolreality, the scene has radically changed: we no longer in the classroom"that child/to "dream/a", the subject "thought","imagined", "idealized", as a model of a subject oflearning to learn.The knot thatconsidered, open roads, shortcuts orwill be a strategy, will be theredireccionalizacion of the pedagogicallinks or what I will call energize the link, force what it means to give encouragement, to instill, giveencouragement, i.e. , to give the link another force, a momentum , giving itthe place of targeting to allow us tofocus our eyes and the attentionpedagogic.

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