Reliability Evaluation Of Composite System

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Reliabilityis concerned with the system capability of survival. In the past forty years,customer expectations have been increasing in response to evolving newtechnologies. As part of these evolutions, they are demanding from theirsuppliers: products with higher quality, low initial cost, improved customersupport and products that are easy and inexpensive to maintain. For a supplierto survive, succeed and be profitable in today�s market, It must do thefollowing: a) Constant improvement in thequality of the products. b) Minimization of the cost. c) Be flexible and responsive tothe customer�s requirement.Thisdeals with reliability evaluation of combined generation and transmissionsystem known as composite system. It describes a technique calculate compositesystem reliability with aging failure.Thereliability evaluation deals with the a) Calculation of agingfailure rate & aging repair rate of all Components of the system.b) Calculation of EENSvalue of all Components of the system by performing Reliability Analysis usingSKM�S PTW 6.5.

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