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Twenty-six years havepassed by since I set off to conquer the world. One boy�s aspiration towardsthe achievement of all that we use to call thedreams, and the reality of achieved ones, are the journey of one of thoseboys whom it is rumoured about that they consciously decide not to grow up.I�ve never even intended that, neither I�ve known how to do it. Just imagine,the child�s aspiration to become big, to reach the highest branch. Unlike the most ofthe children who were rising up in arms against growing up process, the Boyneither knew how nor he managed to grow up, and he didn�t intend, not at all,to disturb the tale of a Big world. He always had a feeling his own story wassomething special. As if it was for him to unriddle some huge puzzle. A puzzlefor whose solution he had to explore worlds that surrounded him, connecting hisown story with many others in a story of a Big world. Many years later he willrealize he was the one himself who chose the role of a searcher for the secretof a Big world. Not knowing that, he met many searchers during his ownadventures, and many more will be met. Some of them share the same secrets withhim. Lots of them share many others.

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