Long Forgotten Kingdom

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Telli proved to be wrong in his prediction that he would one day be Lordof the Khrelling valley. It was his friend, Stellakis, who was to take on thisrole, the young smith's quick wits combined with his fluent understanding ofKhrelling speech making him so useful to King Beranis that it soon becameapparent that he was the obvious choice for the job. Most of the former slaveswere to remain in the Khrelling valley. Like the Elnesiders, they were acommunity in which everyone knew one another, and leaving would mean separationfrom relatives and friends. Some who, like Seth, could remember a life outsidethe valley, journeyed to the Kingdom in search of the lost families of theirchildhood, but most of these, including the big smith, found their familymembers either dead or changed beyond recognition, and so returned to thecommunity that they knew. The 'camp' became known as Jeweltown in the Kingdom,because of the rich flow of gems coming from the Khrelling caves, these beingtransported across the mountains, and then distributed around the Kingdom, manyof course ending up in the coffers of the King in Tellui.The community in the Khrelling valley was notthe only one to be radically effected by Tellimakis's journey from Elneside toKellmarsh and back.

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