Jammy Dodgers

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Jamie is a crime reporter whose own life is a roller coaster ride from his birth to his years of retirement. He meets men of violence, women of vice, victims and victors, law makers and law breakers. He has scathing views of the city�s police and yet forms a friendship with some Scoobies and falls in love with one female officer. But the love of his life is a high flier who seems to be prepared to compromise justice to further her own career. The love affair is short lived. Vans are smashed; heads are smashed, some people die. Some escape justice. Others are unjustly arrested. Even Jamie spends a few nervous hours in the interview rooms. He searches for the truth. Then when he finds the truth it explodes in his face. His world spirals out of control until he meets up with his lady love again and together they exorcise the ghosts that have haunted them both for twenty years. The main story takes place in Glasgow at the end of last century and the final chapters move to Dubai and Spain in the new millennium. This book contains strong language. There is a "soft" version called "Jammy" where the strong language has been removed.

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