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To check how your profits are calculated click here
• Where can I see the benefits I get from the sale of my books?
In Bubok your main panel, which you access with your username and password, you have a tab that says "order history". There are recorded all orders that have been made of your books, through which channel have been sold and when the sale occurred.
• What do I have to do to collect my benefits?
First you need to submit your billing information and ID.

1. Click "Change personal data" (next to the box for your photograph).

2. Click the tab "Billing".

3. Click "next link"

4. Select your scanning ID, enter the comment you are interested in the box and press "Send".
Once the information is been validated you will receive a confirmation email.
Now you can apply for payment: 
1. Login to your account and you will see a panel with sales. Check the boxes to the left that want to include in the bill. Then click on the button "Generate invoices for the selected items."

2. Then will appear all your data by the previously validated from Bubok team, with the document previously sent. Then click on "Generate Invoice".

3. Make sure your bill is good link "HERE" in the bottom of the form, then confirm us your invoice by clicking "this link" at the bottom of the form.

For amounts less than £50 in the invoice we get a commission of £2 due to administrative procedures. From £50 will be free of commission.

• I have my books in inter country and have profits in several Bubok countries,  what do I do?
You must enter each platform and perform the same process. If you have any doubts, contact us.
• How and when do I get my benefits paid?
We will pay your benefits in the bank or paypal account you established in your billing information. You will receive the transfer in the ten days following the end of each month in which you made the bill. That is, if you generate your bill in September, you will see reflected the payment of benefits the first ten days of November.
• How often I can order the payment of my benefits?
You can generate the invoice each month
• Can I turn my benefits into a coupon to spend in Bubok?
Yes.  When you fill the data to generate the invoice, you just have to indicate that you want those benefits to become a bonus to buy in Bubok. After sending the invoice, pestañan "historic stamp" the number of the same.

When making a purchase, you just have to copy the number and apply.To generate an invoice, you have to send us your ID at management department in Bubok and enter your personal data in the system. To do this, just follow a few simple steps  listed below.