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The print cost of your book might vary depending on its format and the amount of copies you purchase.
If you are interested in using our print on demand services (printing one copy at a time) these are the factors that will condition the final cost price of your book:
• The number of pages.
• The book’s format (check the available sizes here).
• Color or black and white interior.
• Binding type (bound, saddle stitch, coil bound).
• Cover finish (with or without flaps, hardcover…).
For instance, paperback finish is cheaper than hardcover finish. Same happens with the amount of pages: a higher number of pages increases the price. The book’s format is also a decisive factor. 150x210 is usually the cheapest.
In case you need more than one copy, you should consider building a small stock. This will have a positive impact on the cost price of your book and will help you to increase your profits. Here we explain how to calculate your profits per unit sold.
We also have a tool that allows you to calculate the print cost of your book considering the format variables and the number of copies. You can check it here.
Bubok offers you some discounts depending on the amount of copies you wish to produce: 
• If you purchase 15 or more copies, you will get a 10% discount.
• If you purchase 50 or more copies, you will get a 25% discount.
• If you purchase 100 or more copies, you will get a 40% discount.
Bubok adapts to your needs. If you want your book to have any special features, contact us and tell us how you want it to be like. We can prepare a tailored budget for you and give you some advice.