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The public page of your book allows readers to buy it. It also contains your book's data. It is the main information point about your work. Along with the cover, possibly this is a key for readers to decide whether to purchase a copy.
This page can be configured during the publication process, in the step "data".
Write the title of the work and complete the field author. If there are several authors, you will have to put each on a separate line in the desired order. This field is very important if you request an ISBN for your book because when we assign your number the author data will remain the way you indicate it here.
Next, write a synopsis. It must be at least 300 characters long. Keep in mind it will be a great source of information for readers, as it transmits a small idea of ​​your writing. Try to make it as attractive as possible and summarize the main ideas, but do not go into the contents.
It is also important to correctly choose the keywords in the book and to include it in the appropriate categories. This is part of your book's metadata and its proper use helps readers and libraries to easily find it. 
On the data step you can select some pages for preview. Choose something that attracts the readers' attention but that does not reveal the plot.
This public page also shows the formats in which your book is available. The other technical data can be completed in the 'binding' step. 
If you have already published the book and you have failed to complete this part correctly, you can edit the book again as many times as needed.
There is also a public space dedicated to the author in our website that will be linked to your book's page. It is advisable to fill it propperly. Check how to do it here.

Remember that if you have any questions you can contact us by filling this contact form.