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With millions of books for readers to choose from, your cover can be a sales pitch.
In Bubok we offer professional cover design and correction services so that your book stands out. Our Digital PackTotal Edition Pack and Editorial Project Pack also includes the cover design service.
If you prefer to design your own cover check our publishing guide, where you can find all the technical specifications. 
The cover's measures will vary depending on the size you choose for printing, the type of paper, etc. There is a tool located in your author panel that calculates the exact measurements of your cover. Carefully check those measures and apply them to your design. 
Once everything is ready, proceed with the publication process. When you get to step 'cover', you'll see that there are two ways to upload your file:
• Separately. You can split your file in three parts which correspond to the cover front, the back and the spine.
• One piece. In this case, you will upload a single file that includes all the previously mentioned parts. 
Note that the files have to be in jpg or bng format and the color mode must be CMYK.
If you have any more questions or your cover has the correct measures but still cannot be uploaded, contact us