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The sale of your books  can generate economic profits in your favor. We will now explain how they are calculated and when you can perceive them. 
How do I calculate the profits from my books's sales?
The benefit you get for each sold copy is calculated by subtracting the print cost to the book's sellig price.  
Bubok will let you know the cost price of your book during the publishing processs. You can also check our cost calculator. 
E-books do not have a production cost, so profits are calculated over the selling price. 
Our authors buy their books at cost price, not at the sale price, therefore, no profits are obtained for those sales. 
How does the sales channel affect my profits?
In Bubok you can sell your books through two different channels:
•    Through Bubok itself. In this case the distribution will be as follows:
80% of the profits for you
20% for Bubok
You can read our publishing contracts here.
•    Through our Bookstore program digital partners (e-books only). 
In this case, these platforms get 50% commission on each sale. The remaining 50% is divided in the same way:
80% for the author
20% for Bubok
If you are interested in your book to be distributed throughout our network of digital libraries, contact us or read more here.
How I can increase my profits?
You can increase your profits by raising the retail price of the book. If this option does not seem feasible because your book is already very expensive, you can always print a small stock of books and impact the print cost. If you want more information, contact us.
How often can I get my profits?
You can request payment once a month (every 30 days) whenever you have a profit 50 punds every time you request.
When will I receive the payment?
Payments will be received in your account in the first 10 days of the next month following your request. If you request payment in May, you will receive the payment in the firs ten days of July.