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Frequently asked questions in Bubok about Copyright and publishing contracts

What is an intellectual property license? It is a document that recognizes your property rights and states which rights you keep and which ones you authorize others to use. You can obtain it signing your work at any intellectual property register. Do I have to sign my work at an intellectual property register? This is a voluntary procedure in which you declare your authorship and specify your [...]
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You can determine how to manage your book’s rights, and this will impact on how other people and institutions can use your work. For example, you can reserve all rights or allow others to publish and distribute your work, as long as they do not obtain profits. Here are the four basic rights that you should manage when you sign your work in an intellectual property register. If you have any [...]
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There are two types of publishing contracts in Bubok. These contracts are signed at the time you accept the terms of use of Bubok. You can check them here. The registration page is therefore binding and equivalent to a contract between author and publisher. The difference between the two contractual arrangements depends on whether your work is publicly available or if it is not visible. These are the [...]
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