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Frequently asked questions in Bubok about Web usage

Bubok is a publishing house that provides any author all the tools and services needed to edit and publish his work in more than seven countries (in both digital and print format), with runs starting from a single copy. IN BUBOK – You choose. You get full control of the editing and publishing process.– You win. You get an 80% of sales profits.– You count. In Bubok, all authors have [...]
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The print cost of your book might vary depending on its format and the amount of copies you purchase. If you are interested in using our print on demand services (printing one copy at a time) these are the factors that will condition the final cost price of your book: • The number of pages.• The book’s format (check the available sizes here).• Color or black and white [...]
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Would you like to sign up in Bubok? Here is the guide to create your account. You will see that it takes just a couple of steps. Enter Bubok.com. Once you're registered on this platform, you will no longer be required to register in other Bubok sites (Spanish, Mexican, Colombian sites...). An automatic account for each of them will be created. Once you are on the Bubok home page click on the word [...]
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If you want to talk to other Bubok users, discuss their books, exchange your views and learn more about them, we have a series of tools at your disposal.  How to send private messages  To send a private message to another user you need to log in with your username and password. Go to the author's public page and click on 'send me a message'. Then you will be redirected to an e-mail [...]
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It is very important to complete your author page in Bubok because it contains information about you and your book. It also works as a cover letter to any reader that checks your site.  To configure it, you just need to follow these steps: 1. Log in with with your username and password. Once inside your author panel, click on the link 'your Bubok page'.  2. Find the option to write [...]
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The public page of your book allows readers to buy it. It also contains your book's data. It is the main information point about your work. Along with the cover, possibly this is a key for readers to decide whether to purchase a copy. This page can be configured during the publication process, in the step "data".Write the title of the work and complete the field author. If there are several authors, [...]
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In Bubok we offer a series of editing and publishing packs that will give your work a professional and personalized finish. If you want to hear a proposal, send us your material and complete the following form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.   The possibilities are endless: we work with customized services, ranging from the layout, cover and ISBN to several distribution options. [...]
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