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There are two types of publishing contracts in Bubok. These contracts are signed at the time you accept the terms of use of Bubok. You can check them here. The registration page is therefore binding and equivalent to a contract between author and publisher.
The difference between the two contractual arrangements depends on whether your work is publicly available or if it is not visible. These are the basic characteristics of each contract:
Publishing works contract for distribution in private
The author allows Bubok the publication of his work in the formats selected by him in the publishing process for making it available in the strictly private sphere of the author. Check out the full contract here.
Publishing of works contract with retail
The author instructs Bubok the publication of the work in the format selected by him in the publishing process. Check out the full contract here.
We remind you that publishing in Bubok does not restrict the publication in other platforms, and that there are no time limits, that is, rights are always yours and you can withdraw the book whenever you want. After removing your book of our platform, we will no copies of your work will remain in our platform, and neither you nor any third party will be able to obtain copies. If you have any more questions, contact us