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Bubok is a publishing house that provides any author all the tools and services needed to edit and publish his work, in more than seven countries (in both digital and paper format), with runs starting from a single copy.
-You choose. You get full control of the editing and publishing process.
-You win. You get an 80% of sales profits.
-You count. In Bubok, all authors have something to say.
Discover these and many more reasons to take the plunge and become an independent author. 
If you want to be informed about the possibilities for editing and publishing your book, please contact us through this form, or check the packs and services we offer.


8 Reasons to register

•    You'll have total control of the publishing process.
•    You can choose to publish as an ebook or printed book.
•    You will receive 80% of the profit from each sale
•    There is no minimum print run or stock holding.
•    We are open 24 hours, 7 days a week
•    Corporate Social Responsibility. The paper we use to print the books is free of chlorine.


Are you ready for the new technological challenges?

With Bubok you'll have:

•    An additional and modern sales point which is adapted to current technologies.
•    No risk or additional costs
•    Integrated systems of production and marketing.
•    The ability to optimise your processes, reduce risks and investments and prepare future solutions.
•    Access to the latest marketing systems.

Publishers can also get additional services such as design, layout or editing. Contact us for more details. 

Through Bubok, universities and training centres will find a partner for the marketing and branding of publications and teaching materials.

It is easier to teach and learn with Bubok!

•    As a teacher, Bubok will help you improve your students' results. With just few clicks, your students can download the curriculum, readings and practice cases in pdf format or as a printed book. Say goodbye to photocopies!
•    If you are a student, Bubok can publish and print your wok professionally. You can choose the type of paper, colour or B&W print, type of binding and cover design. Check our finishes here. 
•    Choose from private mode (only you will see it) or public (available to everyone). If you decide to put it on sale, you can set the price and decide how much you want to earn for each copy sold.


The only limit is your imagination. A world of creativity at your fingertips, from stories and biographies to albums and much more.