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Our publishing process is very simple, however, here you will find some tips to solve any inconvenience that might come up.
Why can’t I upload my book’s file?
In the first step of the publishing process you will have to upload your book’s layout. The cover should not be included in this file.
If you are trying to upload it but there's an error, check your file’s format. It should be a PDF, mobi or ePub. PDF is valid for both print and digital formats. 
I your file’s format is ok, check its size. If it's 10mb or more, you will have to use our ftp upload system instead. Here you can learn how to do it. 
Do not forget to verify the file’s extension. It should be named layout.pdf rather than layout.pdf.pdf. Try not to combine numbers and letters as it might cause errors. 
I am on the “data” step and I can’t go on, what happens?
Check if you have filled all the required fields in order to continue. If you have already done that, contact us
Why can’t I upload my cover?
Bubok allows you to upload your own cover, but specific measures will be required. If your cover does not match this measures an error message will come up. 
If your cover’s measures are correct, contact us
I got a black screen during the publishing process, what is going on?
This is usually an issue caused by your web navigator. You can update your current version checking its official page or use a different navigator. 
Make sure your internet connection is working. If you're still unable to continue, contact us.

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