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Full bleed cut off is used when you want the picture, drawing or color background to occupy the entire page of the book and avoid undesired white frames. 
To achieve this effect, you have to increase the size of your book's pages half centimeter per side. Meaning that your file should measure 0.5cm more to the right, left, up and down side. For example, if you want your book size to be 15x21, the file must be loaded in Bubok should measure 16x22.
The loading process of these files in Bubok's platform is a little different, but equally simple:
1. Begin the publication process as usual. In the step "file", upload a blank document with the same number of pages of your book. 
2. Once this temporary file has been uploaded, continue with the publication process.
3. Next, load the correct file in our ftp folder. Click here to open the application.
4. Finally, write an email to equipo@bubok.com indicating the name of the file you uploaded, the book's title and let us know you wish bleed cut off. We'll change the blank document for this one and schedule it to print correctly. Once this process is completed, we will notify you so you can check if everything is correct.
If you prefer us to do this process, we offer our editorial services. You can hire a customized layout. Learn more here

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