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The last two processes before publishing your book's layout are generating a PDF and embeding your fonts in it.
Here we will explain how to succesfully fulfill these two processes starting from a Word document, the most used format by independent authors who are not professional designers.
Remember that Bubok offers you our publishing services if you prefer to leave this tasks in our hands. We guarantee you a totally professional work.  
How do I turn my Word document into a PDF?
Your layout should be uploaded to Bubok in PDF. This format prevents your book's elements (text, images, tables...) from being corrupted and misplaced. 
Turning your word into a PDF is really simple. Just choose 'save as' and select 'save as PDF'. 
All the recent versions of Word include a shortcut to save the document as a PDF.
How do I embed fonts in my book?
The process of embedding the fonts to your layout's file is really important. If you do not do it, there is a high risk that the book is printed with strange symbols or a different font.
To do this process you will need a virtual printer. Generally you will already have one if Adobe PDF reader is installed on your computer. It is called Adobe PDF.
Once you have your layout's PDF, go to 'print options' and select the virtual printer. Then open 'properties and characteristics' and select 'Print on high quality'. Edit this field and in the section 'fonts' choose the ones you used, add them and save the document. Now a new file with the embedded fonts will be generated.
When editing high-quality printing, remember to properly configure the format of the document so that it matches the print size. Here you can see the available formats in Bubok.
To check whether the fonts are correctly embedded open the document and click anywhere in the text with the mouse right button. Open the properties and go to the fonts tab. A menu with all the fonts will be displayed.
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