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If you want to talk to other Bubok users, discuss their books, exchange your views and learn more about them, we have a series of tools at your disposal. 
How to send private messages 
To send a private message to another user you need to log in with your username and password. Go to the author's public page and click on 'send me a message'. Then you will be redirected to an e-mail editor.
Any notifications will be shown in your author page. If you need to answer a message, just click on the 'reply' option.
How to comment on a book
If you want to comment on a book, just go to its public page and leave it in the comments area.  
Any comments you leave can be read by anyone on the web, whether registered or not. From Bubok we ask you to use these tools properly. Do not leave rude or inappropriate comments that may offend other users.
Whenever you need, you can contact us by filling our contact form.

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