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Yes, this is possible thanks to our inter country publication tool.
Inter country publication is designed to give your work a maximum visibility, expanding its presence in other countries. Currently, Bubok has digital libraries in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Portugal and Spain.
How to activate the intercountry publication for my book?
1. Enter Bubok and access your author area.
2. Select your book.
3. Intercountry Publication options are located right under your book information.
4. Select the countries where you would like your book to be published
The use of this tool has no additional costs and allows selling your book in local currency.
Your author profile will look exactly the same on all the selected websites. Use your original profile to make any changes.
The system will automatically convert prices to the appropriate currency, but then you can set different prices for each country from your original account. You will receive sales proceeds separately for each country.