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In "Wonders between Laughter and Dreams: Magical Stories for Children's Day, Shared by Dad and Mom", parents immerse themselves with their little ones in a universe of captivating stories that combine the magic of imagination with valuable teachings. From fun journeys through enchanted lands to exciting adventures in fantastical worlds, each story has been carefully selected to stimulate creativity and foster fundamental values.

Throughout the pages, parents and children will embark on journeys full of laughter, life lessons, and unforgettable moments. The stories, designed to be shared with the family, not only entertain but also strengthen the emotional ties between parents and children. “Wonders between Laughter and Dreams: " thus becomes a literary treasure that leaves a lasting mark in the hearts of those who venture together into this unique reading experience. A book that not only celebrates Children's Day, but also builds memories that will last a lifetime.


Why read this book

  • Unmatched Family Connection: "Wonders between Laughter and Dreams" not only provides entertainment, but creates a special bridge between parents and children. Sharing these stories on Children's Day will strengthen family ties, creating shared memories that will last in everyone's memory.
  • Educational and Fun Adventures: Each story has been carefully selected to not only entertain, but also teach essential values ​​in a fun and accessible way for the little ones. Parents will find these pages a valuable tool for conveying important lessons while enjoying moments of joy with their children.
  • Stimulation of Imagination: The stories presented in the book awaken the imagination and creativity of children, transporting them to magical and surprising worlds. This stimulus is not only fun, but also contributes to the cognitive development of young readers, inspiring them to dream and explore their own creativity.
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    Product Details:
    • Status: For sale in Bubok
    • Number of pages: 59
    • Size: 170x235
    • Inside: Black and white
    • Binding: Perfect bound
    • Cover finish: Glossy
    • Last update: 04/02/2024
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