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Product Details:
  • Status: Public
  • Number of pages: 33
  • Last update: 26/09/2023

In the unexplored corners of the human mind and in the mysterious recesses of the universe, there is an ethereal link that transcends time and space. This book, entitled "So in Heaven", is a bold and captivating exploration of that deep connection between poetry and quantum reality, woven with the threads of the author's lived experience. To enter these pages is to embark on a journey into the unknown, where verses dance in harmony with subatomic particles, and where words find resonance in the quantum patterns that underlie every moment of our existence. The author, a bold navigator in the seas of creativity and research, fuses poetic art with quantum concepts in a unique dance that challenges the conventional boundaries of literature. As the reader immerses themselves in this unique work, they will encounter a symphony of verses that capture the very essence of reality, transcending the limitations of the observable and the measurable. The verses flow like intertwined particles, creating an environment where the duality of light and dark intertwines with the duality of the tangible and the intangible. The author, whose own life is intertwined with the very fabric of the plot, infuses moments of his own experience into narrative, creating a bridge between the tangible world and the realm of poetry. Every word, every phrase, every verse, is a unique expression of the interconnectedness between the individual and the cosmos, between what we see and what we cannot see, between what we know and what is beyond our reach. "So in Heaven" is a timeless testimony to human nature in its relentless search for meaning and transcendence. In these pages, the reader will find a reflection of their own inner and outer exploration, a mirror where poetic reflections and quantum revelations are intertwined in a unique and exquisite tapestry.

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