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The Science of Cosmic Ray Therapy or Teletherapy

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Product Details:
  • Author: Bhattacharyya, Benoytosh
  • Status: Public
  • Number of pages: 194
  • Size: 170x235
  • Inside: Black and white
  • Binding: Perfect bound
  • Cover finish: Glossy
  • Última actualización: 20/10/2021

Facsimil. Calcutta edition. Revised and Enlarged by Dr. A. K. Bhattacharya, D.M.S. (Son of Dr. Bhattacharyya) and Dr. D. N. Ramchandran, M.D.E.H. F.T.S. (MADRAS). 182 pages, 16 x 24 cm.

Theoretical Tele-therapy. Significance, scope and basis of cosmic ray therapy or teletherapy. Definition Radiations and principal Cosmic Rays. Scriptural testaments. Space and cosmic rays. The Pranic air. Effects of Non-Breathing. The Ultimate Cosmic substratum. The Pantheistic conception. The Kurma Purana. The All pervasive gigantic magnetic field. The saga of teletherapy. Radiesthesia. Kitten saven from death. From handy work to fan-motor. The confirmatory experiment. The new gadgets. Vibrations. The Mahakala Sadhana. Teletherapy processed. The prism and teletherapy. The apparent and the real. The five great elements and their qualities. Their origin. The five organs of actions and sense. Colours and the elements. Akasa (Ether) and it qualities. Character and utility of the seven principal cosmic rays. Importance of the sun and the moon and their gems in teletherapy. Present horizon in radiating curative rays by teletherapy. Radiation of mantras. Radiation of Cure-discs. Radiation of personal cures. Radiation of medicines. The scientific basis of teletherapy fully explained. Miracle-plays of teletherapy. What teletherapy needs today. Practical teletherapy. Aparatus and accessories. Magnet Box. The pendule Radiation Charts. Gems or precious stones. The cosmic ray therapy. What de future promises for teletherapy.

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