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The Departure of Love

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  • Author: Jonatan Vega
  • Status: Public
  • Number of pages: 342
  • Size: 108x175
  • Inside: Black and white
  • Binding: Perfect bound
  • Cover finish: Brillo
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A story of love in which two young teenagers is their destination, characters are Santiago and Esmeralda. A love story that it becomes more than a story-becomes an experience to remember forever. Santiagos uncle die caused by something his uncle did,and thats why they killed him,in Sinaloa,Mexico.,Santiago and his mom decided to escape for those who killed his uncle,they were believeing that was for drug trafficking. A story that involves tragedy,courage,faith,God,distance,but especially love. How Santiago life was when his girlfriend Esmeralda died,and how his father sold the house of Santiago,where Santiago and his mom lived,his life changed because he had to leave Mexico,away from Esmeralda,to go to the United States Of America.Santiago had to let go of Esmeralda,his house and everything else.All this and much more...
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