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For All Seasons

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  • Author: Claudia Nur Calisti
  • Translator: Riccardo Menghini
  • Translator: Liliana D'alessio
  • Translator: Maria Joao Marques
  • Status: Public
  • Number of pages: 95
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What 'll happen to little Junilla(Gunilla) while she is living with her grandparents? Why her parents are far from her? How many new experiences she 'll do during is country life togheter GranPa Giò and GrandMa Jaia?Does she learn lot of sensations never felt before?You 'll know all the truth about this story reading this charming book about children and grandparents relations and the call of the nature.
This fairy tales book is in four languages 'cause  it is dedicated to the children and grandparents of all over the world.
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