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According to the experts in statistics, in order to win the millions
of dollars that Lucky for life  offers, you must choose one out of
658, 008 combinations of 5 numbers ranging from 1 through 40
plus bonus.Sounds nearly impossible Well, actually you can
dramatically  increase your odds if you know just a few secrets.

Through a new system that has been developed, it has been
discovered that these 658, 008 combinations are divided into 91
groups. It has also been discovered that the real chance to win
depends on the amount of combinations in a group, Example:
if your combination belongs to a group of 16,200 combinations,
your chance of winning would be 1 in 16,200  plus bonus.

To find out to which of these 56 groups include the combinati-
ons that come out more often than others, we need to keep
track of the combinations that appear in each group. There are
groups of combinations that include up to 11 of their combina-
tion being drawn,  while in some of the other groups only  1 or 3
of their combinations have come out.

We all know that winning the millions that this lottery offers is
not easy…but it is much more difficult for those who do not have
thisbook on their hands! Think about it this way: when the
average person plays one combination, they do not know
which one of the groups that combination belongs to. It could
belong to one of those groups whose combinations rarely
come out. However, the methods that this book teaches will
provide you with a distinct advantage. you will observe the
order in which each combination has come out. You will get to
know each one of the groups of combinations in this lottery.
You will know the numbers of combinations in each group,
and learn the combinations that have come out in each group.
Most importantly, you will know which combinations come up
more often, and which combinations have the best chance to
show up pretty soon. You will also know the real chance that
you have to win.

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Product Details:
  • Author: Angel arias
  • Status: For sale in Bubok
  • Number of pages: 35
  • Size: 170x235
  • Inside: Black and white
  • Binding: Ringed
  • Cover finish: Glossy
  • Downloads: 19
  • Last update: 22/07/2023
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