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 The Importance of Short and Sweet


Short and Sweet. Authors hear it all the time, but what makes it so important?

You’re in the middle of writing a really intense scene in your novel. You want to include as many details as possible to draw the readerin and engage them in the scene that is so fun and exciting to write. Our advice to you…don’t. Enough with the unnecessary details, cut to the chase.

Short and sweet is so important in the hustle and bustle of today’s fast paced society. It is so hard to keep readers engaged nowadays because our brains run a million miles an hour and nobody has the concentration level to sit down and read something long at full length.

Here is why short and sweet is SO important today!

1) Nobody cares!

It is a sad truth. If your work is too long, people will genuinely not care enough to read it in full. However, if you keep your work short and sweet, people will not become unengaged and maybe, just maybe, they’ll even read your work all the way until the end!

2) You are boring your reader to death!

There is no denying that many a good author is often very descriptive in their works. However, too much detail gets repetitive and annoying. There are only so many ways you can describe one’s beauty or how beautiful the sound of their voice is. When describing your characters, detail is good. TO AN EXTENT. If you tell your readers in 10 different ways that the character you’re writing about is stunning, beautiful, and breathtaking, they’re not going to want to hear it anymore and may stop reading. If you said it once, you don’t need to say it again!

3) Attention spans are shortening as we speak!

People barely have time to eat nowadays let along read something of great length. If you want your work read, be accommodating. Make it short so that readers simply have time to read it! People appreciate how accomplished they feel when they complete a task, such as reading an article. Thus, make finishing the task easy for them and make your work short!

4) Detail is confusing!

If you constantly provide 1,000 details, your readers won’t be able to keep up and follow everything clearly. To make your reader’s life easy, don’t give the unnecessary details simply because keeping track of them gets confusing!


You get the point! I can’t push short and sweet unless I listen to my own rules, and with that, I’m signing off! Happy short and sweet writing!

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