The best applications for writing
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By simply searching “writing apps” or “best writing software” you can find hundreds of programs and applications that claim to facilitate the arduous writing process. Depending on what exactly you need them for, some will be more useful than others. That’s why we wanted to write up this list to save you hours of work searching for just the right one.   Platforms that are easy to use and free Programs for structuring your story Tools for jotting down notes… Read more

Beating Writer’s Block – Help Guide
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  For most authors, the mere thought of writer’s block sends a shiver down the spine. However, it’s important to know the difference between a prolonged period of writer’s block and just having a bad day. Being unable to form a cohesive sentence, an overwhelming belief that everything you write is worthless, chronic eye-strain and deleting hours of work in a single click can all be symptoms of writer’s block. If you are in the middle of a slump in… Read more

Putting off Proofreading – Helpful Reminder for that Part we Hate
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Proofreading is not the easiest job to attempt after staring at your screen after hours on end. Many of us do not enjoy this part at all, but it is sadly something that has to be done. And if not done correctly, you will most definitely hear about it. It doesn’t have to be scary or agonising though. You could make (or ask nicely) a friend to have a read of it for you. It is usually someone that has… Read more

The Importance of Being Comfortable – Helpful Writing Tips
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  The desk, the armchair, the park, the coffee shop… all, and many more are places that writers find themselves at peace and the best location for them to be able to get those creative ideas flowing. The concept of being comfortable and at ease in your surroundings plays more of a roll than you may be aware. For example, you may not be one for being able to create your best work at a desk in the daytime. The… Read more

Which Point of View to use – A Helpful Guide if You’re Unsure
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Which Point of View to use… The way you approach the angle you choose to take with your book is a huge one, so don’t worry if you have found yourself on this page looking for some advice. Deciding between first, second or third person is a decision that all writers face and is one to be considered carefully. It not only determines the ways in which the author sees the story but more importantly, how your readers are going… Read more