Widening your Audience with Translation – Help Guide
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Get Noticed In the increasingly expanding global market you want to do everything you can in order to get yourself and your book noticed. You want to widen your network and make yourself available and accessible as globally as you can. One way of achieving such goals is through the idea of book translation. What better way to connect with others than have your own words translated into another country’s native language? The Facts English is found to be the… Read more

Opening the Hashtag Door – Don’t be Scared!
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If you’re ‘old school’ and prefer the typical ‘word of mouth’ way of spreading news or finding out information then maybe you should stop and have a quick read. I know that social media and networking may seem a little daunting and the idea of throwing yourself into the unknown is a little scary but bear in mind – the beauty that is the hashtag. #TimeToConnect. Okay, so I may have just slipped that in for the sake of it… Read more

Ideas for your book: Grandma’s Recipes Book
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The Start of the Ideas Imagine you have to make a gift for your family. And it has to be the perfect gift, it has to reach them so deeply that it gets them excited. You may break your head thinking about the gift, over several weeks. What can excite them all? If the present was only for the nephews, a Scalextric would be nice, if it was for your brother, one of the latest videogames would be perfect. But… Read more