Happy 4th Anniversary! – Bubok Celebrates Birthday
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  From the Beginning Since 2007 the dream for many authors to publish their book has turned to reality. The founders of Bubok created an online tool that facilitated many authors the tools to self publish. It´s been four years since Bubok started their journey to help authors fulfill their dream and each year we are proud of our authors and the work they have published. Today Angel Maria Herrera, Sergio Mejias, Fatima Alvarez and Ruth Vicente sit down for… Read more

Typography- The Important of Choosing the Right Font for your Book
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When writing your book you must keep in mind that regardless of how attractive your cover is and how strong your story might be, choosing the right arrangement of fonts, point size, and line length can make or break your book. The goal of choosing the right font for your book is to create a readable, consistent, and visually satisfying reading flow that works invisibly, without the awareness of the reader.

New Year´s Resolution: Publish your book!
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It´s 2012! And we are sure that some of you included writing or publishing a book into your ambitious and witty New Year’s resolution list.  New year’s resolutions are great only if you really stick to them and writing a book is not as easy a task as getting a membership at the local gym (which you may or may not use, anyway). To write a book takes a great deal of effort and self control, but who are we… Read more

Bubok’s Custom Templates for Authors – Making your Life Easier
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We Understand You We know you are so busy writing your book and keeping yourself motivated that the last thing you need is to worry about the layout specifications to make your book look good and print correctly. From years of experience and talking to our authors, getting the layout ready is the step they dread the most. Why? Just because you ́re a writer doesn’t mean you are ontop of all the fancy editing programs that are in the… Read more

How to Convert Your Book File into a PDF – A Help Guide
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It’s Better – We Promise! To publish your book with Bubok you need to upload your book file as a PDF file (Portable Document Format). Not only is it the ideal format for your book to be printed but also, a PDF file is a document whose content can’t be changed during the publishing process. Here’s How… To convert any text to a PDF file you only have to install a virtual printer on your computer. This printer works just like… Read more