Spelling, Grammar and Self-Publishing
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In today’s modern world of social media, blogs and self-publishing, anyone’s writing is available for all to see and critique. Unfortunately, at the same time the importance being placed on spelling and grammar is being diminished. Is this right?

Brand new editorial services for authors – with Bubok
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As you may know, the editorial process to make your book a success, goes through many phases such as writing, editing, layout design, publishing, marketing & PR and sales. To make sure your book becomes a masterpiece inside and out, Bubok has launched Editorial Services and Editorial Packs that range from book editing to promotional help.  Every service has an initial cost and is provided by Bubok professionals who are specialised in a specific field. The difference between Editorial Services… Read more

Advantages of a Writing Workshop – 10 Reasons Why…
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10 reasons why you should consider taking a writing course:   1. Writing can be learned. Even though writing feels natural to you, there is always space for improvement. A writing class or literary workshop will give your talent the needed background education and open your mind to a lot of helpful tips and tricks that can be used in practice.

Typography- The Important of Choosing the Right Font for your Book
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When writing your book you must keep in mind that regardless of how attractive your cover is and how strong your story might be, choosing the right arrangement of fonts, point size, and line length can make or break your book. The goal of choosing the right font for your book is to create a readable, consistent, and visually satisfying reading flow that works invisibly, without the awareness of the reader.

Creating an Eye Catching Book Cover – How to Guide
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Don´t judge the book by its cover! Sounds fair, but the truth is that most of us, when shopping for a book do judge by the cover. The book we tend to pick up is most likely the book with an eye catching cover, an attractive image, interesting font or colors scheme. Once we pick it up, we then read the description and decide if this book is the right fit. Even if you don’t buy it, something still influenced… Read more